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Dr Dawn Macintyre

Identifying and meeting gaps in Public Health issues is my passion and the centre of my professional work.

I trained in Education and Psychology at London University and completed my Masters in Public Health at Curtin University, WA. Twenty-five years later, I decided it was time to complete the cycle, and due to my work with families who had tragically experienced the death of a child, I focused my PhD on the gaps and challenges for these families. I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2014.

I then had a life-changing experience which caused me to stop work and life as I knew it for almost 5 years.

How Can I Help You?

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Professional Supervision



Are you a health professional working with patients living with chronic pain?

Chronic Pain is a sensitive subject and those who live with it every day may feel exhausted, unheard and experience a sense of desperation.

What if you could help make a positive difference in their lives?

Well now you can!

For a low, one-off cost of $195+GST you’ll receive…

  • 3 x Self-Paced Online Modules
  • Additional resources
  • A paperback copy of “Living with Chronic Pain” by Dr Dawn Macintyre
  • Free Shipping within Australia
New Book Available

Living with Chronic Pain

Book is available now. Click the button below to order !

Comments from Previewers: 

“It has to be read”
“This is so familiar…”
“A story of hope and resilience”


I have travelled along an amazing path with Dawn. Over four years she helped me get from the lowest of the low to how I am today.
I believe this Chronic Pain book fills a valuable part of the puzzle about the relationship between chronic pain and depression. What Dawn has done with her experience is provide validation for others who are going through the same or similar illness. It lets them know they are not alone. I would like Dawn to speak at insurance industry conferences, so advisors and agents have a better understanding of the support needs of their clients.
Ben Wilshire
Insurance and Financial Services Advisor
I’ve only ever used the services of one counsellor, Dawn. I am so pleased with her that I happily drive over fifty kilometres each way for our appointments.